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Upcoming Events

By Joe Kunzman

June 14, 2018

Design of a China Cabinet by Mike Kozikowski
Mike will be covering the process he used to build a china cabinet for his daughter. He started with a few pictures that she found on the Internet. He then had to determine the dimensions of the piece and model it in SketchUp. The entire build was documented with pictures taken at each phase. Fabrication of the curved components will be discussed. 

Regular Monthly Meeting at 7pm at: Woodcraft, 8155 South US Highway 17-92, Fern Park, FL 32730

June 16, 2018

SketchUp Special lnterest Group (SIG) meeting
Learn the ins and outs of SketchUp, a popular 3D drawing program idealy suited for woodworking. Bring your laptop to follow along with various presenters. Contact Joe Kunzman for more information.

From 9am to noon at Fugleberg Koch Architects, 2555 Temple Trail, Winter Park, FL 32789.

(Important Note: Our host, Michael Gove, requested that we change the date from the original announced date of May 19th.)

July 12, 2018

Craftsman Style Furniture by Nancy Hiller 

Nancy will be visiting us again this year. This time she will discuss the Craftsman Style Furniture movement as it played out in the UK and the US. She will be taking about her recently published book on the subject.

Regular Monthly Meeting at 7pm at: Woodcraft, 8155 South US Highway 17-92, Fern Park, FL 32730


August 9, 2018

Laser Engraving
Woodcraft will give a presentation on laser engraving on wood.   They will discuss the machines and software used to engrave and how to prepare your images.  The process will be demonstrated on the laser engraver they use at the store.

Regular Monthly Meeting at 7pm at: Woodcraft, 8155 South US Highway 17-92, Fern Park, FL 32730
We are currently looking for presenters for the regular monthly meetings next year.   The 2018 program year is completely booked.   We have had to rely on outside presenters for most of 2018, due to lack of volunteers.  Our Guild has many talented members, including yourself.  Please volunteer to make a presentation in 2019.  The first few to step forward can even choose their month.   No excuses, we just had a presentation on "Effective Presentation Skills" last month.  Besides, you have plenty of time to prepare.  Need ideas...ask us.

Please contact Joe Kunzman or Bill Boehm at:

President's Message

By Craig Aebli
Woodworking, like most skills, is built upon the knowledge and experience of others.  It seems that most woodworkers like to learn about tips and tricks of the trade, or to find out about a new or better way of doing things.  Most of the woodworking publications will have a tips and tricks section submitted by readers.  Who doesn’t like to learn a better way of doing something?

Many times, you may wonder to your self, why didn’t I think of that, or I wish I would have seen that before I made this or that.  We can all learn from the experience of others.  As a guild, we need to encourage that exchange of ideas, and freely offer our experience to those new to the field.  I myself am grateful for those who offered their knowledge and expertise to help me along the way to improving my woodworking abilities.  

Those of us who have been doing woodworking for some time should not hesitate to pass our experience to the next generation of craftsman.  Those new to the hobby, should not be shy about asking for help or assistance from those more experienced members.  I don’t know of anyone in our group that would not be willing to share their knowledge with fellow woodworkers.  

This month, Mike Kozikowski will be sharing his experience with building a china cabinet.  I’m sure we will all learn from his experience.

Build something great this year!


Treasurer's Report

By Mike Kozikowski
I have name tags and membership cards for the following people:

Linda Brooks
Joshua Parr
Steven Errico
Michael Brown
Nick Velazquez
David Winfield
Eric Rusch
Nelson Coressel
Richard Owen

Please touch base with me at your earliest convenience to pick these up.

Librarian's Corner

By Bill Giesey
Musical Instruments – Colonial Williamsburg     

The craftsmen of Colonial Williamsburg work with tools and equipment that would have been used in the 18th century.  This video demonstrates and explains  the making of several musical instruments using the tools of that period and how the craftsmen made jigs and other aids in helping to shape and assemble the instruments.  It is a fascinating video which explores some of the early history of the woodworkers who preceded us in our country.  This is one of two videos on Colonial Williamsburg woodworking that we have in the library.  

Secretary's Meeting Minutes

By Jana Paulsen (Substituting for Michael Gove)

May 10, 2018 Meeting Minutes

  • 7:05 pm Meeting start, Craig Aebli conducting.
  • Visiting / New members
    • Dave Parks, Sr. – Interest in hand tools
    • David Parks, Jr.
  • Programs
    • Tonight – Sharon Hoydich, Effective Presentation Skills
    • June – Mike Kozikowski, Design of a China Cabinet
    • July – Nancy Hiller, Craftsman Style Furniture (new book)
    • August – Woodcraft, Laser Engraving
    • September – Barry Reiter, Spray Laquer
    • October – Joe Kunzman, Automated Dust Collection
  • SketchUp Special Interest Group (SIG)
    • First quarterly meeting date changed to June 16th due to scheduling conflict (old date was May 19th).
    • From 9am to 12-noon at Fugleberg Koch, 2555 Temple Trail, Winter Park, FL 32789
    • All are welcome to attend, please bring laptop with software already loaded
  • Newsletter –
    • Joe Kunzman re-designed the newsletter format
    • Hosted by MailChimp
    • The majority of members liked it
  • Need new officers for next year
  • No Buy and Sell
  • Show and Tell
    • Dean Throckmorton – Dizzy bowl
    • Janet King – Christmas ornament from block of wood
    • Mike Kozikowsk – Seized blade removed from Stop Saw
    • Craig Aebli – Broken chair back replacement, and French country style night stand build for daughter.  Sprayed with latex paint using Earlex HVLP sprayer
    • Bill Kenny – Pictures of garage shop setup

Past Meeting on May 10, 2018

By: Joe Kunzman and Jana Paulsen


At our last meeting we had guest speaker Sharon Hoydich discuss “Effective Presentation Skills”.  Sharon is the Director of Professional Development for the Florida Realtors Association.  She organizes continuing education, seminars, and coaching for Association members.  She is also a neighbor of Bill Boehm, who has been looking for years for a presenter on this subject.  
Sharon’s presentation focused on providing CFWG members tools that they can use to engage with the audience when making presentations.  A few “presentation” related facts Sharon shared with us include:
  • You have 8 seconds to make an initial impact on the audience.  Communicate a compelling message in that time.
  • People only remember 20-30% of what they hear.  The content that eventually sticks is what is near and dear to the recipient.
  • Only 50% of the audience is listening at any given time.  You need to snap them back.  Don’t just talk, instead: move around, show expressions, joke, involve the audience in the presentation, show empathy, even touch (if appropriate).
Before you begin, you must plan.  Sharon shares these thoughts:
  • You must know your subject matter.
  • Practice, practice, practice.  Consider a voice or video recording of your practice.
  • Keep room temperature water nearby.   No hot coffee or ice water as this can affect your voice
  • Dress appropriately for you audience.  Ask the host ahead of time.
  • Have an “elevator pitch” always handy.   You will use it in your introduction.
  • Power Point slide decks are not always necessary, especially if you are adequately prepared.  Sharon gave an example of a speaker, Anthony Huey, who gave a 90 minute presentation to a group of CPA’s with only a single slide.   The audience was glued to him; not a single person left during the presentation.
To engage the audience there are certain skill you must employ.  Sharon shares these techniques:
  • Use an “Ice breaker” to start.  This can be a cartoon, joke, audience activity, etc.
  • Don’t pan the crowd; instead make eye contact with individual participants.  Smile while speaking
  • Be energetic, show passion for the subject you are speaking about.  Give your subject life.
  • Get to know the people you are speaking to during the course of the presentation.
  • Project clearly, loudly, and confidently.
  • Be aware of the pace of your conversation.  This generally means slow down and use watch to make sure you finish on time.
  • Breath at a consistent rate to avoid nervousness and help concentrate.
  • Be yourself.  The audience will always know if your faking it.
  • Show up for the presentation to give, not take.  Sales pitches are a turn-off.
  • Have an effective close, a “slam bang”
Do you have an article you would like to include in the next issue of the newsletter. Great! Please email us at newsletter@cfwg.org The deadline for submission of newsletter articles is the first of each month.

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