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April 8, 2021 – Upholstery for Furniture Makers – Michael Mascelli

A lecture-demonstration specially created for Central Florida Guild members and focusing on the centuries old dialog between furniture makers and upholsterers.  This presentation include a brief but thorough look at the history of the trade as it organized in England as the “Worshipful Company of Upholders” in the 16th century, up through modern times, and a complete look at the tools, materials and techniques of the upholstery trade as practiced then and now.  Mike also discuss a number of upholstery techniques, including choices for a simple slip seat, as well as the important design considerations for furniture frames that are to be upholstered such as choice of wood, standard dimensions, and placement of tacking rails.  An explanation of the various types and qualities of upholstery foam will also be included.  This presentation will be of interest to furniture builders, restorers and those just dying to know exactly what is supposed to inside of a properly upholstered chair.

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Joe Kunzman

Joe is a retired CPA and Sr. IT Data Storage Architect. He resides in Lake Helen, FL with his wife Marie. His woodworking interests include cabinetry and building 18th century reproduction furniture. He is also the Florida Chapter President of Society of American Period Furniture Makers. When not making sawdust, he also spends his time building embedded systems with microprocessors, such as Arduino.

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