August 9, 2018 – Laser Engraving by Tim of Woodcraft

August 9, 2018 – Laser Engraving by Tim of Woodcraft

Tim from Woodcraft discussed some of the applications the laser can do with engraving and design.  If you have something you would like to have engraved, it is best to bring a sample board to test the laser cutting on that substrate.  The laser at Woodcraft can cut up to 3/4″ thick.  Thicker materials just may take longer.  They can engrave almost any material.   Acrylic and glass will work, even the stainless steel insulated cups.
The laser can engrave some very fine detail.  Photographs need some contrast to work well.
Tim gave a demonstration of the laser which is behind the library in Woodcraft.

Joe Kunzman

Joe is a retired CPA and Sr. IT Data Storage Architect. He resides in Lake Helen, FL with his wife Marie. His woodworking interests include cabinetry and building 18th century reproduction furniture. He is also the Florida Chapter President of Society of American Period Furniture Makers. When not making sawdust, he also spends his time building embedded systems with microprocessors, such as Arduino.

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