Future Events

Our regular monthly meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month starting at 7pm.   We hold these as in-person events at the Orlando Woodcraft Store. The meetings held in November and December are held at the Dover Shore Community Center.

Thursday - December 8, 2022 at 6:00PM

Christmas Party

We will be meeting at the Dover Shores Community Center in the grand room starting at 6:00 PM.

The guild will supply turkey, ham and beverages and everyone else is asked to bring a side dish or dessert.

Thursday - January 12, 2022

Woodworking Wound Care - What To Do When Safety Didn't Work. - Bill Giesey

This will be a practical presentation on first aid for common injuries which can happen in the workshop.  It will be a combination of talking about the injuries and demonstrations of what to do if those injuries occur.  I’ll try to keep the gore factor to a minimum so those with a more sensitive constitution will hopefully be comfortable.

Thursday - February 8, 2022

String Inlay Made Easy - Ralph Bagnall

Stringing is a traditional decorative application that looks difficult to do but is actually well within the capabilities of most woodworkers. Ralph Bagnall explains his method and describes an easy-to-make jig for cutting the string pieces.  Many woodworkers think that stringing is an advanced technique, but actually great results can be achieved with just a few hand tools and a bit of practice.

2023 Events at a Glance

01/12/2023Bill GieseyWoodworking Wound Care - What To Do When Safety Didn't Work.
02/09/2023Ralph BagnallString Inlay Made Easy
11/11/2023Super Show and Tell
12/14/2023Christmas Dinner