You are currently viewing July 9, 2020 – Vacuum Pump Veneering by David Veatch

July 9, 2020 – Vacuum Pump Veneering by David Veatch

Vacuum systems use the air pressure that is all around us to apply smooth, uniform and powerful pressure to panels and forms for glue-up. However vacuum systems have a reputation for being complex and expensive. David will discuss all of the equipment needed to make a simple, reliable and inexpensive vacuum system and address common misconceptions on using vacuum pressing for veneer and lamination of flat and curved pieces.

Joe Kunzman

Joe is a retired CPA and Sr. IT Data Storage Architect. He resides in Lake Helen, FL with his wife Marie. His woodworking interests include cabinetry and building 18th century reproduction furniture. He is also the Florida Chapter President of Society of American Period Furniture Makers. When not making sawdust, he also spends his time building embedded systems with microprocessors, such as Arduino.

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