June 13, 2019 – Making a Quarter Turned Column by Gary West

June 13, 2019 – Making a Quarter Turned Column by Gary West

Gary West – Also a member of the Woodturners Guild. CFWG members are welcome to attend their meetings on the third Thursday of the month here at Woodcraft.

  • To make a quarter turned column or a half column you need to start with square blanks that are exactly the same dimension in size, Four pieces are glued together with PVA glue separated by brown paper bag material. This allows the pieces to be separated later. The blank needs to be perfectly square so that it will turn evenly and when it is separated the quarter pieces will be the same size. Gary also like to make the blanks longer than needed so he can screw the pieces together to insure they will not come apart.
  • Mount the blank in your lathe and turn the column into the shape you desire.
  • Gary likes to use a skew chisel to turn the shape and to get a super smooth surface.
  • Using a skew turning chisel requires some practice, because it can catch easily if angled improperly against the wood.
  • Getting a flat 90 degree surface is the most challenging because it is difficult the get it straight without damaging the corners. A skew is the best tool to with which to make it.
  • After the column is turned to the shape you like, you can remove it from the lathe and separate the pieces using a knife.

Joe Kunzman

Joe is a retired CPA and Sr. IT Data Storage Architect. He resides in Lake Helen, FL with his wife Marie. His woodworking interests include cabinetry and building 18th century reproduction furniture. He is also the Florida Chapter President of Society of American Period Furniture Makers. When not making sawdust, he also spends his time building embedded systems with microprocessors, such as Arduino.

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